Seller Saga Part 2-The Pause

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Tammy Craig

This post continues the lessons of a Professional Realtor now in the position of being a seller.  It is a position every Realtor needs to experience to add their toolbox.  The lesson of the moment?  The pause once the decision is made.  I know it takes the seller’s about a year from the time they start thinking about selling until the home goes on the market.  Logically, I know this.  But in reality, it is a gut-wrenching thing.

We both know we are selling, we are moving toward getting ready.  I rented the storage unit, and we have passed down the family treasures (more about family treasures later).  We hired a professional cleaner to help with light fixtures and baseboards.  We are working on the little chores one puts off for another time.  But, I find we are on the great pause.

We love this house.  It is the pinnacle of a life of dreams.  Tom was an older man of 23 years when we met, I was a woman of the world at 20.  He introduced me to John Prine, I introduced him to stability.  He and I listened to our favorite John Prine song on a record player sitting on cinder blocks while playing spades on a card table in our rented trailer house.  We laughed a lot and drank Squirt and Vodka.  We sang along with “blow up your tv, move to the country, eat a lot of peaches”.  Our family has fulfilled that dream and have indeed consumed copious amounts of peaches.  I see now I totally missed the song title “Spanish Pipedream”.

This morning I watched the Purple Robe tree we planted sway in the breeze from a window we replaced.

Because I am a professional Realtor, I must disclose there is no sign on our home at the seller’s request (my husband), the price decided upon is $449000, and I will work with coop agents.  Feel free to call me if you have someone looking for 4 bed 3 baths 3 acres Spanish Pipedream.

I also took pictures and will start the documents today with the plan to be ready soon, real soon.  But we are in a bittersweet pause for now.