What’s in a name?

realtor in fruita colorado

Tammy Craig/Owner

The buzz in the Real Estate community is telling your story.

At Fruit & Wine Real Estate we have been telling the story since 2004.

In 2003 I was looking for property in Palisade and my Realtor had a listing in the Palisade area.  I never thought about selling Real Estate but I needed a job.  As often happens when Realtors and clients drive around for days looking at property,  she and I got to talking.  She told me about the Mesa Land Trust and their work to conserve farm ground.  She talked about Palisade’s  “prime and unique” agricultural ground.

She said she wanted to open an office in Palisade.  I knew how to open a business and she knew Real Estate.  She taught me Real Estate and I helped her realize her dream.

I bought Fruit & Wine Real Estate from her in 2007.  80% of my selling activity is right here in Palisade.

Since 2006 Fruit & Wine Real Estate has been #1 either in a number of units sold or volume sold, and we consistently have the #1 and 2 in agent ranking for the Palisade area.  That says something when you consider F&W is 2 to 3 agents at any given time.  The big boys are 50 to 60.  We focus here and it shows, in our work and in our name.

I have a choice any given day; move my license to Grand Junction or stay in Palisade and be small, local, and focused.  I choose Palisade every day.