Beautiful Palisade

My home, beautiful Palisade.

80% of the peaches and grapes grown in Colorado are grown in Palisade.  How about that the Palisade Historical Society has oral histories of some of the early fruit growing pioneers.  Many farming tools used in everyday fruit production were invented right here in Palisade.

Peach Fest is not just a peach Celebration.   It is a week-end of educational events, and tours, free ice cream, dancing, parades, fine dining opportunities, and pancakes.  Fruit & Wine Real Estate will be right there, hands on, doing what we do best, loving our end of the valley.

This ground has the best water rights in the valley and is prime and unique agricultural ground.  This ground is locally owned by local farmers and their families.  Here is a quote from Bob Bleiberg of the Mesa County Land Trust.

“When coming home from out East, as you round the corner on I-70, and see the orchards and vineyards of Palisade, it tells me I am home.”  All I can add is, amen.

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