Seller Sage Part 3-Leaving

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Fruit & Wine Real Estate

Tammy Craig

This post continues the lessons of a Professional Realtor now in the position of being a seller.  It is a position every Realtor needs to experience to add their toolbox.  The lesson of the moment?  Leaving, also known “Every emotion in the world at once” aka “shoot me now”.  That works.

Tom and I have worked hard all our lives.  You know the story, get married, have kids, plow through your life on coffee, maybe booze, no money, fights, grief, and tons of love.  I am happy to announce one of our kids is interested in our place.  We have worked to make this happen in a fair and equitable way for both parties.  It has been a long summer.

First one must hatch a plan.  Once fully hatched you hire an attorney, of course, because it is family.   The attorney looks for all the possible areas of issue, the zebra’s not the horses so to speak.  This is not a normal real estate contract.  This is complicated.  What if there is divorce, what if we all hate each other in a year and want out, what if we are successful and make money?  Who does the work?  Who pays for repairs?  and on and on.

Enter a wonderful attorney extraordinaire who shall remain nameless.  I love you, man.   Attorney’s get a bad rap, kinda like Realtors.  As a realtor, I have come to love attorneys.  Their whole job is to get two opposing parties on the same page according to the law.  This family transaction is amiable.  It is his job to cover what happens if we decide to rumble.

We all have high hopes.  Two of my three beautiful grandchildren will live in our pipe dream home.  And, the third will get to know the joy of picking peaches with grandpa someday, we hope.  The best-laid plans of Mice and Men, right?  All this remains to be seen. Hope is always good.

Our Spanish Pipe Dream (please see Seller Saga #2) is closing on Friday.  May they be as happy there as we have been.

Tom always said, let’s just sell everything and live in a trailer.  Well, our previous rental is pretty darn close.  But it’s cozy, ya know?  Like our first home in Fruita.  It was 720 sq ft and we had no furniture.  This one is 1180 with giant furniture.  I am literally 30 feet from my office.  We will get through this.

The point of all this?  The process of selling your home is hard.  Seller’s need time to work on their stuff.  At Fruit and Wine Real Estate we have time for you and understand the process is grueling.  I look forward to your call and I will have a blanket and a cup of hot tea.  And you will be fine.  I am just fine.